Adventure Is Where You Find It.

I’m going to straight up copy a video posted by QBP/Salsa/et al (or at the very least, link to it), regarding “Adventure Cycling.”  The video says a lot about what I have come to appreciate as one of the best parts of riding a bicycle.  Adventure Cycling doesn’t have to mean riding the Great Divide trail…it doesn’t have to mean testing demo bikes in Sedona.  Adventure cycling can mean exploring that gravel road you drive past every day.  It can mean seeing if the B road listed on the map is passable or not.  It can mean the late night exploration of a utility line right of way.  Adventure isn’t just about where you are and how scenic the vista may be–adventure is about your mindset, who you’re riding with, what you’re riding, and how you’re riding it.  Adventure–it is where you find it.


One thought on “Adventure Is Where You Find It.

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