Inigo Montoya

Inigo Montoya.

That’s the working name for the Ti El Mariachi wunderbike that I have floating around in the back of my mind.  No, I haven’t committed to the project.  No, I haven’t found any bike makers that are throwing parts at me and begging me to ride.  (Yet.)  But I’ve named the conceptual ride.

Why Inigo Montoya?  Simple.  Follow my twisted mind.

1.  Every cool bike must have a cool name.  E.g. the Vaytanium.

2.  El Mariachi the bike = El Mariachi, the central character in Desperado, the movie.

3.  El Mariachi, the central character in Desperado, was Antonio Banderas.

4.  In The Princess Bride, which is one of the greatest movies of all time, Inigo Montoya was played by Mandy Patinkin, not Antonio Banderas.  However, he should have been played by Antonio Banderas.  And when I think of the film, for some reason, I interpose Antonio Banderas in lieu of Mandy.  Don’t ask why.  I can’t explain it.  Can you ask the sun, don’t be so bright?  Can you tell the rain, hey rain, why you be so wet?  No.  Such is the Mango.

Also, it doesn’t hurt that a quick google search didn’t turn up any other bikes named Inigo Montoya.

And there, in four quick steps, you have the leap between Ti El Mariachi and Inigo Montoya.  (It also doesn’t hurt that every other name I’ve thought of has sucked.  Tariachi? MarTi?  TiMar?)

Incidentally, Antonio Banderas is somewhere between “very, very sexy” and “no, no…too sexy” as anyone who watched Saturday Night Live in the 2000s can tell you.  El Mariachi the bike is also somewhere between “very, very sexy” and “no, no…too sexy.”   Coincidence?  I think not.  (Note to self: two Chris Kattan references in one post may be too much.  RATG will self-impose a “one Kattan/post” rule in the future.)  Also, please note that Inigo is a proposed name.  In all likelihood, the peeps at North Central Cyclery will come up with something far better, if the project proceeds.

Lusty specs?  Yup.  A bit of a repeat from a few days ago…but with some blingy pics.

Thinking 18″ Ti El Mar.  (So if I ever wimp out, I can go geared).

Stan’s Crest rims

with Sapim CxRay flat bladed spokes

and some DT Swiss 240 hubs.

Singlespeed with Homebrewed Ti chainring and cassette.

Matte black Whisky bars and seatpost.  Thomson stem.

Chris King BB and headset (black).

Eggbeaters.  (Ti Eggbeaters would be sweet…but are sooo ugly.  Maybe some 3s?)  XTR brakes.  Maxxis Ikon EXOs, tubeless.  Unknown crank.  Maybe a Fox Shox 32 FLOAT 29, 100mm FIT RLC fork with Kashima coating?

Nah.  I haven’t been thinking about it.  Props to my man Hand of Midas for many parts recommendations.  And for building the wheels (if the project gets green lighted).  And no–no rigid fork.  But maybe a Lefty??

Maybe.  (Credit to Kiodo on  Still just looks ‘wrong’ in my eye.  One thing at a time.

My name is Inigo Montoya.  Prepare to ride.


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