Sickness, Illness, Disease. (Bike Fever)

I know some can relate to this tale.

Sickness:  “Man, I haven’t been to this bike shop in ages.  I’m driving past and have a minute, I should just walk through.”

Illness:  “Is that a Thomson Masterpiece seatpost in the bargain bin?”

Disease:  “27.2 x 350.  That’d be perfect for my Big Dummy.”

When you start rationalizing superior design and weight savings for the seatpost on a heavy, steel cargo bike, you know it’s a disease.  (No, honey.  I didn’t buy it.)


2 thoughts on “Sickness, Illness, Disease. (Bike Fever)

    • I’m ashamed to admit this, but it was at Prfrmnc Bk. (Vowels eliminated to prevent any potential that this comment would come up in a search for that particular retail establishment). I was there, in the neighborhood. I saw gleaming bikes and parts through the window. I hadn’t been in there in years.

      But it was a disappointment. All of the aluminum framed Scattante/Fuji/Access wunderbikes that you could ever hope for. Tons of Scattante spandex. And…a Thomson in the bargain bin.

      I feel so cheap. So dirty. I should go to confession.

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