Little less talk. Lot more action.

This will be a ‘man of few words’ post, today.

Mukluk.  Forest Preserve + farm fields + creek bed.  A couple inches of hard, crusty snow, hiding under 2″ of fresh powder.

Obligatory poser shot:

Big Fat Larrys, at about 5psi, mush through the powder, down to the packed base.

Today was a day that a more aggressive tire would have likely shredded the solid base.

The Porcelain Rocket booster rocket seat pack put to good use (food + jacket + spare tube + pump + tools + extra hand warmers)

Show was a bit thinner in forested areas.

Sun broke through, for some warming rays…

Does this count as a scenic vista?  In Illinois, yes.

A dirty Mukluk is a happy Mukluk.

Actually rolling on about 6″ of packed drift snow here.

Waaaaaay off in the distance is Hand of Midas, who discovered that 6″ of drift snow will not support an adult male on 2.25″ tires.

2.25″ tires are also not so great for climbing snowy hills.

But BFLs work just fine.


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