All Ti’d Up Part Deux: Ti v. Aluminum

Just a brief update on yesterday’s post.

After an interesting discussion on the Fatbookers on Facebike page today, I was pointed towards Guitar Ted’s recent musings on Ti versus Aluminum.  Here are his thoughts on the comparison in frame materials:

Muk v. Muk



Randomonium has some very interesting comparisons of the ride quality of a Ti Mukluk versus an Aluminum Mukluk, under similar riding conditions.  The conclusion of people who have ridden both frames: Ti has a better ride quality.  Even with 4″ wide tires running at low pressure.  So there goes that “I don’t need a Ti bike” excuse.

And to keep things interesting, here’s GT’s By-Tor Ti Mukluk (linked from his great blog).  If you look at his blog, you’ll see the spec.  1×10, Larry’s, Salsa enabler fork, Chris King bling, blah blah blah…


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