All Ti’d Up In Knots…

Lately, I’ve had Ti on the brain.

Sometime soon, I’ll do a full writeup and review on the Vaytanium.

For now, I’ll repeat an old comment and add a new one.  Old comment: if I could only have one bike, it’d be the Vaya.  New comment: the ride quality of the Vaya reminds me of a tuned and dampened cable.  Not vibration like a guitar string…but when you hit a serious bump or even some gravel chatter, the frame sucks it up.  Ping.  No harshness…but no noodling, either.  The frame is taut.  Responsive.  Dreamy.

When I got my Mukluk 2, I was aware of the Ti frames for Mukluks.  And don’t get me wrong–they’re sexy.  Really, really sexy.  But do they make sense?  With 4+ inch wide tires at low pressure, I’ve never been in a situation on my Aluminum Mukluk where I’ve been critical of the frame’s ride quality.  Even at higher pressure, on gravel expeditions, I can’t complain.  Because of the bike’s configuration, wheels and tires, I can’t say that a Ti frame would improve the riding experience.  Sure–it would be lighter, even more corrosion resistant, and more aesthetically pleasing…but I can’t say it would function any better (other than the lighter weight).  I’m not sure, in my own mind, whether the Ti Mukluk is worth the upgrade price–or whether it makes sense for a fat bike.  I guess, since I have a Muk 2 and not a Ti Muk, I have made up my mind.

That said, lately, I’ve had Ti on the brain.  It might be the two Ti El Mariachis that are being built up at North Central Cyclery right now.

(Above image shameless cribbed from Transit Interface’s new Tumblr blog).

It might be remnants of Sedona leftover in my mind that are causing me to think about hardtail 29ers and singlespeeds.  It might just be the beauteous look of a Ti frame.

(Note–Link above is from Salsa’s website.  Click for link).

A nice El Mar or Selma.  Singlespeed.  Tubeless Stan’s Crests with a lightweight, hand build by my holmes Hand of Midas.  (Maybe even with Ti spokes, as on this very, very pretty Eriksen.  Some blingy parts (Ti Skewers, Ti King Cages, Ti Hardware, Ti Homebrewed drivetrain?)  Some anti-blingy blingy parts (Whisky matte finish bars and seatpost).  A suspension fork or rigid?  (I think suspension fork, although I’ve been told to HTFU).

It’s just a dream right now…floating along in the back of my mind.  I still have visions of Spearfish, and the cushhhhhhhhhh of full suspension that cloud my judgment from time to time.

Lusty bikes to think about.  First world problems, eh?


8 thoughts on “All Ti’d Up In Knots…

  1. Check out my Ti El Mar, Chris King/Salsa rasta bling, Niner rigid, and Ericksen post. I had a Fox fork on it this past summer and have now gone back to the rigid. Not as fast, but more fun for sure. The light front end is quite amazing and changes the ride experience. Great bike all-around.

    • That certainly is a purty bike!

      Going SS would be a commitment for me, but I think I could make that–I’m fond of mashing in too high of a gear. But going rigid might be too far of a leap from my normal full-suspension world. And frankly, I’m not sure there’s a huge difference between a rigid El Mar and my Vaya…I could throw some 2″ tires and a flat bar on the Vaya and call it a day. Rigid would save a couple pounds (and a matte Whisky fork would look nice), but I think I’d go suspended.

      I probably don’t have to worry about the fork until I worry about getting a bike!

  2. That does beg the question: a rigid Ti El Mar vs. Ti Vaya. Especially when both are mounted with 2.0s/tubeless. The biggest difference obviously being the cockpit. Has anyone run the Ti Vaya with alt bars or flat/riser mtb bars?

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