Gore GT AS GoreTex Pants Update

I previously reviewed these pants and the matching jacket a few weeks ago, here.  This is a brief update.

I’ve put several hundred additional miles on the pants, in varied conditions.  I’ve ridden with them on all of my bikes, with both clipless and platform pedals.  They are now one of my absolute favorite pieces of gear.

I am perpetually amazed by how durable they are.  They’ve suffered some pretty significant falls, begin drug through brush and brambles, being rubbed against my very aggressively pinned platform pedals, and general riding use and abuse–and are none the worse for wear.  They are 100% windproof, but yet breathable.  Opening the thigh vents has a HUGE impact on how warm they are.  With those closed, they’re very warm.  Opening the thigh vents shows just how effective they are.  The thigh vents are optimally placed for air intake when riding.

The pants have also demonstrated themselves to be 100% waterproof.  I’ve subjected them to driving rains, heavy winds, deep snow, and a myriad of hostile conditions.  They continue to perform perfectly.  Again–no real pockets, but I wouldn’t want any on these.  There is absolutely nothing I would change.

One of my favorite features of the pants is the velcro closures at the bottom.  They are very effective at keeping the pants tight against your ankles, and away from your chainring.  The velcro has enough adjustability that it fits tightly over my skinny ankles and road shoes, while still opening widely enough to easily fit over the heavy snow boots shown in the picture above.  This morning, I went for a ride on the Mukluk, wearing the pants.  When I got home, my daughter wanted to play in the snow.  No gear change necessary–they are properly cut for athletic activities of all kinds and are very versatile.  These pants continue to earn a solid RATG A.


8 thoughts on “Gore GT AS GoreTex Pants Update

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  2. Thanks for the in-depth reviews on the Gore Fusion GT AS gear and the Shimano MW81 shoes. Based on your recommendation I bought the Fusion AS jacket, pants and the MW81 shoes and could not be happier (you were spot on with the sizing)! I live in the Pacific Northwest and that means riding in the rain (cold, cold rain) and the Fusion gear keeps me warm and dry while still allowing sweat to escape. The MW81 shoes are perfect too and they have kept my – very cold sensitive – feet warm and dry through the nastiest of rides. Keep up the good work and happy riding.

    Seattle, WA

  3. Thanks for the writeup! I came across your site on a Google search for reviews of the 2.0 version of these pants – just wondering if you have any experience with the latest version. I’ve seen some comments on e-tailer sites that mention some durability issues, but wanted to see what experience you might have had. Thanks! Christian

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