School of Spearfish: Day Four in Pictures

I posted the text description for Day Four (3rd day of riding) a few days ago, and am just now getting to the pics.  As indicated in the text, on Day Four, we went on the Bike & Bean shop ride, where we were referred to as the Salsa guys and the North Central guys.  It was a pretty diverse group of riders, including RTobie, BPPhil, BPaul, GMatt and myself.

It also included internet celebrity Craig, as previously mentioned.  (I know, I’m a bike nerd, but it was cool to meet someone who I’ve read a significant amount about.  Fellow SoS riders can share with you how I geeked out when I saw his van).

The scenery was again amazing.  Every vista was breathtaking–and the afternoon sun provided some new perspectives and lighting for the postcard-esque surroundings.

We had a few opportunities to ride up some of the creek beds and gullies in the area, which was again a group favorite.

At this point, I was still mounted on the Green 2011 Spearfish, and quite happily so.  The trail ranged from quite smooth:

To quite rocky, but the group rode each set of obstacles we came across.

We even took a minute to Tebow, in thanks for the amazing weather and trails.

Ok…just some of us Tebow’d.  The rest of us, like BPPhil, just hung out and looked chill.

And the rocks looked on in silence.

From time to time, a seemingly lifeless scrub bush would jump out and grab one of us, as GMatt shows here:

But for the most part, we just followed the Salsa motto: Ride and Smile.



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