School of Spearfish Day One: The World’s Most Valuable Caravan

It really happened.  It really, really happened.  (Explanation of “It” is here).

We’re here.  Almost hard to believe.  Flight to blah, blah blah.  Obtained minivan ManVan.  Rounded up the whole crowd (Ringleader Tobie of North Central Cyclery, Bike Pro Phil, Giant Matt, Big Paul and yours truly.  Started with a great lunch at Mariscos Playa Hermosa, close to the airport.  Highly recommended if you’re in the area (try the Ceviche).  Or, if you’re like BPPhil, try the fish.  The WHOLE fish.

Fish before Spearfish.

Arrived in Sedona with minimal fanfare.  Checked into the Red Agave Resort and we were greeted with the following scenery:

The Red Agave is amazing.  Details and pics on that to follow.

Made great haste in getting down to the Bike and Bean, to pick up the School of Spearfish that had been shipped down.

Is that…wait…can it be?

Yes.  Yes it is.  A School of Spearfish.  Straight from the holmes at QBP.

Tobie haulin’ the mail:

If you use the highly convenient Stow and Go feature of the ManVan, you can fit five full size bike boxes in the rear…thus transforming the ManVan into the World’s Most Valuable Caravan.

The Bike & Bean is only 2 blocks from the Red Agave–so walking between the two isn’t any kind of hardship.

And of course, nothing was a higher priority than immediately getting the bikes assembled and out on the trail.  Well–almost nothing.  I mean, we had to worry about proper hydration (hey, it’s the desert)…and we had to enjoy the great hospitality of the Bike and Bean.

Bean Brewing:

Doesn’t look like coffee, tho…

Then, it was time for a quick, group wrenching session.  BPPhil shown here rebuilding the Spearfish with whale oil, a 2×4 and his bare hands.

GMatt, showing his excellent fashion sense.  This had nothing to do with avoiding chainring marks on his pants…this is just how he wears them.  Or maybe, he can’t find pants with a size 60 inseam.

By the time everything was assembled, it was O:dark:30.  Deciding that discretion is the better part of valor, we opted to not hit the local trails for the first time in the dark.  And the Spearfish were nestled snugly in their beds.

Great local dinner, trip to the IGA for some nosh, and then a good night’s sleep in anticipation of the rides to come on Day 2.


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