Riding in a State of Grace.

Short post today.

Had a fun gravel ride this morning, with variable wind, and I wanted to reflect on one of my favorite cycling related phenomena.

You’re riding behind someone, with the wind just off your nose.  They’re pushing hard, and you’re pushing harder to catch up hard to them.  As you catch up, you can start to feel that spot where the wind resistance dies a little bit…you get closer, and feel it die off even more.  Your front wheel is just off of their rear wheel now, and you slide a few inches to the left…to the right…find the perfect spot.  And then you find it…the state of grace in the perfect draft.  Ease up on the pedaling, or risk blowing right through it.  Take a breath–cool the legs a minute–look up the road to the perfect spot to pass.  Or stay right where you’re at.  Either way, finding the blissful pocket of still air behind another rider…that’s one of my favorite moments in a ride.  Balance your pedaling effort against the diminished load, mind your heading to stay in the sweet spot, and watch the road for upcoming obstacles, unintended wheel overlap, or other dangers.  And just ride.  A moment to recharge your legs, your lungs, your soul.

But just a moment–and back to the grind.


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