A School of Spearfish. (Warning: Awesome Content Follows).

Is that image too large for you, or is it just too awesome for your computer’s screen?

From reading on here, you may have already learned that I’m a zealous advocate of local bike shops.  I’m a big fan of buying local generally speaking, and in the bike realm, my thoughts (and feelings) are particularly acute.  I’ve seen the great things that can come from working with good local bike shops, and in particular, I’ve seen the amazing things that have come out of being a customer of my local bike shop, North Central Cyclery.

Winter in Illinois sucks.  There, I said it…it sucks.  I’m one of the wackos who happens to enjoy snow–so the redeeming feature of winter, for me, is the abundant snowfall and the related pleasures it brings.  Skiing, pulling my little one on a sled, practicing steering through corners with the throttle…all things that I love about winter.  And this winter, I’ve been looking expectantly towards a season of snow biking.  But alas, thus far, we’ve had naught but one snowfall.  So when the peeps at NCC talked about putting on a winter bike trip to somewhere warm, I was all ears.

I’ll cover the details in excruciating detail in posts to come in the near future–and if you’re lucky, you may even get to see more gloved, disembodied hands–but for right now, let me just get the basics out there.

5 guys–some of the greatest guys I know.

5 days in Sedona, Az.

5 Salsa Spearfish.

5 days of bike-fueled debauchery.  (Ok…gluten and dairy free debauchery for me, but debauchery nonetheless).

Wait—did that say 5 Salsa Spearfish?  Yes, it did.  Salsa, the purveyors of many bikish things that are glorious and awesome (like the Vaytanium and the Mighty Mukluk), also happen to be the proud Mamas and Papas of the Spearfish.  80mm of finely honed, precision tuned, rear-travel awesomeness.  100mm of front travel cussssshion.  29 inches of rolling thunder.  Superb components and pixie dust sprinkled in-between.  Those Spearfish?

Yes.  Those Spearfish.

Words cannot describe the anticipation.  Ladies and Gentlemen, Girls and Boys of all ages, an epic trip is upon us.  In true RATG style, this will be an epic trip documented with pictures, reviews, pictures, descriptions, pictures, journalling, and pictures.  There will also be pictures.

How awesome is this going to be?  This is not just going to be “my milkshake brings all of the boys to the yard” awesome…this is going to go into full-on “I drink your milkshake” awesome.  This is going to be “the internet needs to be upgraded to have enough bandwidth to convey the awesomeness of this trip” awesome.  And, the trip is likely to be awesome, in addition to its awesomeness.

New RATG record for use of the word Awesome in a post.  I have a feeling that record is to be short lived, folks.  I don’t know how they’re doing it, but North Central Cyclery is doing it.  With Salsa.

Word to your moms.


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