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Like many of my peers, before I delve too deeply into a new hobby and before I make a major equipment purchase, I let my fingers do the walking and do some online research.  When doing that research, there are many different types of results that one obtains.  There are the “manufacturer’s comments” type of review, the “no detail other than to say I love/hate this product” type of review, etc.  Once in a great while, I’m lucky enough to run across a detailed review that provides adequate information to base a purchase decision on.  That’s what I’m hoping to do with RATG…to provide information to my peers, that will help them make better decisions.  No punches pulled, no holds barred.  For more background, read the first post…

How to Lose 60 Pounds in No Time!!!

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10 thoughts on “About Ridingagainstthegrain

  1. Great blog – love the consistency…I have a question if you don’t mind: Salsa cycles…Having a hard time deciding between a colossal 2, a vaya 2 and a warbird 2. Wondered if you’d weigh in…I’m 46, and just got hit by a car – the accident didn’t hurt me too much, but the Cannondale carbon 6 6 that I put several thousand miles on did not survive. I had some mavic ksyrium wheels on it and loved the bike and it’s 105 components – even after 5 years. I’m 5’10 and weigh around 220 now…my avg road ride speed usually was around 17mph (solo). My question is, will the vaya be too slow – the reason i’m considering it is i’d like to get off the road a bit more…worried that the vaya will be a slug – not that I’m in search of a sub 15lb ride or anything…which one of the three? and will i notice the aluminum warbird being too harsh compared to my canon dale?

    • What kind of riding are you looking to do? Gravel? Pave? All of the above? Group rides?

      I don’t think a Vaya would be a slug, but unless you need rack/fender mounts, I’d look at the Warbird over the Vaya. I think it would be less of a shock in transitioning for you.

      As for the Warbird versus Colossal, in large measure that’s a question of how much tire clearance you need. There are geometry questions as well, but the Warbird will give you a bit more flexibility for bigger tires (and you can run some HUGE tires on it).

      Without knowing more, unless you’re looking to run racks or fenders, I’d probably lean towards the Warbird. If you had a heavy emphasis on road, I’d look at the Colossal.

  2. Thanks for taking the time – truly appreciated…Last one: you don’t think the Warbird would be too harsh compared to the Cannondale Carbon?

    • With good tires, set up tubeless, the vast majority of the problem can be addressed. If you persist with issues, you can use a better seat post and/or bars to address vibration issues. But overall no, I don’t think it would be too harsh.

      Warbird Ti is pretty sweet, if you can swing it, though…and a bit sweeter riding.

  3. I own an XC hardtail, and I am interested in your honest opinion on what trail bike frame you would most recommend for a FS trail bike: Niner RIP, Salsa Horsethief or Yeti SB-95?

    • I’ve ridden the RIP. Nice bike, but not my thing. I wasn’t thrilled with the geometry. Between those two, it’s an easy call to the Horsethief for me.

      I haven’t ridden the SB-95, but understand that it’s pretty amazing. If I was you, I’d try to ride that and the Horsethief and see what you like better.

      For me, I don’t have a good Yeti dealer in the area, so it’s an easy choice…I’d go Salsa and work with a fantastic Local Bike Shop.

      • Awesome reply, thank you. I demoed the RIP yesterday (the RIP 9 RDO, actually) and liked but did not love it. I’m looking forward to getting on a Yeti SB-95 next week, but I’m currently leaning towards Horsethief. I’m guessing I can’t really go “wrong” with one of those two frames based on everything I’ve read, and I appreciate your input!

      • Just an FYI. I bought my Horsethief in July, built it up and started riding just before the carbon 2014 frames were announced, and have been loving that bike. Yeah, there’s a small part of me that wishes I’d know the carbon frames were coming, but I am thrilled with the Horsethief, and I am very glad I decide on it as my new Trail bike.

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